Clash of the Clans  - A/W 2019/2020

This collection looks to  the rise of the clans leading up to Jacobite rebellion and battle of Culloden , which was showcased at Fashions Finest in February 2019 during London Fashion Week at the Congress Rooms.

I cut up and used upcycled pieces of tartan fabrics, mixed them up and sewed them together to represent the coming together of the clans that fought at the battle of Culloden (some of whom fought against each other) and aftermath of the battle when tartan was banned. For which the clan system was abolished which the mixture of tartans together also represents the loss of the clans at the time. Later to populised by George the IV And Queen Victoria to the modernity of tartan today.

This collection is a translation into life form of my thesis subject I wrote whilst being a student at Middlesex university and my heritage.

Group photo credits Steve Lilly

Indivudual Photos John Garrett

photographer Steve Lilly
photographer John Garrett