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 Handwoven Scarves and Accessories And Bespoke Fashion

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Linda is a textile/fashion designer, specialising in handwoven scarves and accessories. She graduated at Middlesex and Portsmouth and is currently based at Wimbledon Art Studios. She formed Bliss Studio Textiles (the 'Bliss " Taken from her surname, Blissett) in August 2013.

She has an affinity for colour and texture and loves experimenting with a variety of different forms of media. She takes  inspiration from the natural world and the artists and designers of the Art Nouveau period. She takes great pleasure in drawing together her inspirations and using them to build unique designs and wearable art pieces.

As of May 2014 Linda was shorlisted among the finalists for the John Singer Sargent Open art prize. And showcased her first collection at London Fashion Week in September 2014.

Linda Blissett’s new couture collection recently shown at London and Paris Fashion weeks shown this season A/W 16. The designs are inspired by bold colours and flamboyance of the art from the Pre-Raphaelite  and celtic eras. The dresses feature an intricate architecture of modern and traditional woven fabric worked into eclectic art, transforming the wearer and turning any event into a modern Fairy-tale.



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Photo credit

James Alexander Lyon Mike Blissett, photography, Canterbury